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Discover the beauty of wonderful Lokrum

A Serene Paradise Awaiting Exploration

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Lokrum Island tour

Experience the ultimate adventure with our Lokrum Tour! Discover the hidden paradise of Lokrum Island, explore its botanical garden, witness breathtaking views of the Dead Sea, and take photos with the original Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Swim at two of the best locations in the city – St. Jacobs Beach and Betina Cave.

End the day with a panoramic cruise around Dubrovnik and marvel at its iconic City Walls and Fortress Lovrjenac

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Lokrum: A Fairytale Escape from Dubrovnik

Escape to Lokrum Island, a hidden gem just off Croatia’s coast. On a Lokrum Island day trip, leave the city behind and embrace the tranquillity. Where is Lokrum? It’s a short distance from Dubrovnik’s historic walls, yet a world away from the hustle. Visit Lokrum and discover a fairytale-like paradise of botanical gardens, ancient ruins, and hidden coves.


Encounter roaming peacocks, stroll scenic trails, and relax on pristine beaches. Immerse yourself in Lokrum’s mystical allure, where legends and myths add to its enchantment. Experience the magic of Lokrum, a realm where nature and history intertwine seamlessly. Unforgettable awaits.

What is special about Lokrum Island?

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Beautiful Peacocks

Adorned with vivid plumage, these magnificent creatures gracefully roam the island, adding a touch of enchantment to your visit.


"The Dead Sea"

Experience the Dead Sea, a serene oasis renowned for its mineral-rich waters and indulge in a rejuvenating experience that leaves you revitalized.

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UNESCO protected

Step into history as you explore a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discover the island's rich cultural heritage, from ancient ruins to lush botanical gardens.

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